Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I know I know !!!!!

So I havent posted in like a million years and I have so much catching up to do, but  lets just start with breakfast and the flowers my hubby bought me last night. He's such a dear.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Paperwork Paperwork Paperwork!

Paperwork Paperwork Paperwork!!!! [not to mention sewing, packing, studying Chinese, and taking time to talk to my Love]. I've been scolded for having not yet mentioned anything about my sweet stuffs on this new blog. To be quite honest and as you may have noticed I haven't put much of anything on the new blog.
So here we go!

I'll probably have to start a different blog after I get back home (China) to tell tell you all about the amazing stuff there and do my best to explain how it all worked out, and simply keep this one for crafts and pretty music and pictures and whatnots. 

 Well lets see where to begin. As with most  countries (other then the U.S.A. *face palm*)  to get married in China you need a Proof of Single Status. So as a U.S. citizen marrying a Chinese national, needing paper work that my government doesn't provide, what am I to do!?  Make it up?  Well kind of.... Basically I have to make an affidavit and have it certified by all the appropriate parties (Notary public, DE state department,  US state department,  my Chinese consulate (which just so happens is the Embassy in DC)) Well all that said, I've made it to step 3, I sent my paperwork in to the state department last Monday, with the expectation that it would be back by this Monday .... I'm still waiting for USPS to tell me (via tracking code) that they've even sent it back. Meanwhile, I'm trying to settle and get everything else done that needs doing. There are so many things! 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring Delight

It got warm early for me this spring and then snuck in a bit of chilly weather : P  However, that doesn't mean we can't have pretty faces! I love this make up tutorial from Michelle Phan, it's so soft and floral. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Lilacs in spring are a beautiful thing,
they however, are even more beautiful and fragrent after a long hard winter in Northern China.
Lilacs or {丁香花} are the City flower of Harbin, China. Of course, the lilacs there won't be blooming for another month or so. But the smell does bring back lovely memmories of the beautiful spring that I spent in Harbin. One of the happiest times of my life to be quite honest, you can read a little about it here on my old blog. Well have a loverly day all, I'm going to go smell the Lilacs!

Friday, March 1, 2013


I'd never heard of Gabriella Aplin before, but I stumbled onto her song Home today, and fell in love with it, not only the song, but her amazing voice is so much fun to sing along with... 

The first line "A phoenix in the water" some how reminds me of my time in China and one of my more problematic classes, you see my one student Livia was always calling me random names, and by random I do mean random, for example one day she decided my name would be eggplant. Well the last name she gave me before I had to leave that school was 凤凰 (Phoenix), I rather like that one. Honestly, I've been missing China a lot lately, my fiance, my friends, my students, and even the busy city streets of Harbin. For a season that was my home,  and even though the seasons is over and finished, I can still feel that pull, the tie, the connection deep in my heart.  But ... home is where my heart is and as long as I'm with him, it doesn't matter where we go. So I'm waiting .... waiting on my love.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fresh Start

Hello all! I'm starting this blog, as a clean fresh page. My last blog ran out of picture room, and it seemed like a good enough excuse to start afresh! You can find my old blog here,  it is comprised mostly of craft projects, adventures, music and traveling to some very far away places. It was a good, though not always easy two years. But I'm thankful for all of it! It brought me to where I am today.